Class Media Clips

This is a collection of clips that I regularly use for class to illustrate….a number of different theories and concepts.


Coca-Cola Superbowl Ad 2014

Budweiser “Born the Hard Way” Ad 2017

Secret Powers of Time (RSA)

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Kellyanne Conway’s interview tricks (Rhetoric/Debate)

Where the hell is Matt? (2008)

Wealth Distribution in the US

World War 2 Death Tolls

Millennials Suck and are Sorry

Uses of Silence in Films

A Few Things to Know about American Sign Language (Intercultural Comm)

The Count Censored

Lancaster Prison Program


Making the phenomenon strange

Axis of Awesome – 4 Chords

Climbing Tree for Success

Chow Time (A Few Good Men)

How to Offend People from Other Countries

Elevator Experiment

Every Academy Award Winning Trailer

West Wing Map Scene



Thailand’s Got Talent Trans Singer

Riley’s Rant

The Flip Side Gym

Boy or Girl? (BBC)

Genderbread Person and Gender Unicorn

Zach Wahls’s Speech Iowa Senate Hearing

Old Spice Commercial

Audi Progress “Daughter” Ad 2017

Attraction around the world and through history

How Women Should Sit

Justin Baldoni on Men and Masculinity

White Boys Winning Board Games

Kim Tran TED Talk – Gender in the new America

(Article) Gendered Emotional Labor

(Article) Emotional Labor in LGBTQ relationships

(Comic) Working Mother Mental Load

(Comic) Sexism starts early



Beau Sia – Give Me a Chance

What Kind of Asian Are You?

Alexandra Wallace (and Response)

Watter’s World Chinatown Edition

Chris Rock Oscar Asian Kids

SNL Election Night

Whitewashing (John Oliver)

Cheerios Commercial and Parody

Clean and Dry commercial

5 Latino Stereotypes on TV

Brock Turner vs. Trayvon Martin



Internet Pics

Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone

IKEA Bookbook

Social Media Revolution 2016

What’s On Your Mind?

Kids react to old computers

Her: Official Trailer

The Great Dictator Montage

Beauty Editing App

Photoshopped Women

Google Translates Let It Go

The Trolley Problem

Sherry Turkle TED Talk (Alone Together)

Key & Peele Texting

What will the Internet look like in 2030?


How to conversate:

Oatmeal – challenging world views and beliefs

Heineken Commercial – “Worlds Apart”


2019 Super Bowl Commercials


Clips to use in the future:

Banned Iceland Ad – Orangutan


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