A hoe is something you garden with.

19 Feb

With the madness of the election going on now, I wanted to add an anecdotal comment on something I saw. Facebook stalking some of my friends the other day, I ran across one of my friends, an Obama supporter, with this on his site:

I’m an Obama supporter, and would probably vote for a Republican before I vote for Hillary (well, maybe not – that’s still up in the air), but I find that this is one of the very few, rare displays of offensiveness that I have seen from Obama supporters. One of the things that has struck me about this primary race is how nasty Hillary supporters tend to be (possibly reflected by how much mudslinging Hillary is doing in comparison to Obama), and how classy Obama supporters tend to be (again, that might be media spin media spin media spin, but in my personal experience in talking to people, Obama supporters tend to expound on how great Obama is, while Hillary supporters, rather than emphasizing how great Hillary is, tend to say negative things about Obama. It’s a campaign built on bringing the opposition down, rather than building the candidate they want to support – Hillary – up).

But as a woman, frankly, I’m offended by the blatant sexism this sticker portrays, as well as the underlying racism the word “bro” evokes. The slang term “bro” traditionally means a black soldier. Interesting, no?

And don’t get me started about the degrading term “Ho”. I don’t think that dignifies any explanation.

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