Hallelujah! Title!!

21 Feb

I finally found the title field on my post! Why wasn’t it there before? Wouldn’t you think that they would put the title field here by default? And, Hallelujah is an amazing song – and even more amazing when Brandi Carlile covers it. Have you heard the original version? The original version is highly dubious. Jeff Buckley pioneered the *real* Hallelujah.

I’m acting CEO of COPE. Well, not really. That’s the joke. Really, I’m babysitting the office while everyone is at Lake Arrowhead for COPE University. I was only acting CEO once – and that time I could say I was because I had COPE’s “nuclear football” – all the passwords and keys and access to everything. You’d think it would come with a rush of thrill, but in actuality, it was really anti-climatic. I sat in a Pizza Hut for an hour waiting for our CEO to drop by on his way to the airport. The breadsticks were really good.

Traffic does not look promising. My office overlooks the 101 at the 101/10 interchange. It’s gridlocked right now. Wonderful. The good news is, I have “Class Action” on Books on Tape (but it’s not really on tape, it’s on a CD). The other good news is my 8pm meeting in Ventura County was canceled. The bad news is, I have very little padding on my tush for long drives.

Have you ever thought about how self-centered a blog is? I mean, no one is probably ever going to read this but me, yet I’m still sitting here writing. Might be a product of boredom. Ok, I’m going to kick people out of the office now. And eat the rest of my left-over Fatburger.

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