Abortion as art is not.

19 Apr

I really didn’t mean to post two abortion-related posts one right after the other, but this one popped up as an interesting news item recently.

A senior at Yale is inseminating herself, then aborting the fetus with abortion drugs multiple times over the course of 9 months.

She says she “hopes it inspires some sort of discourse”, and also says that she’s not using the concept for “shock value”. She claims that she has some “message”.

Really. What’s the message? Hey, let’s make ourselves really sick and show complete disregard for the women who go through the emotional turmoil of choosing to abort a fetus! This’ll be fun! (I would even go as far to say a “disregard for life”, but want to be clear that I do not equate abortion with murder)

It’s no wonder people on both sides of the abortion fence are disgusted by this.

On the pro-lifer’s side, this woman is committing mass murder over and over.

And pro-choice folks are not pro-abortion. As a matter of fact, most of my friends are pro-choice, but given the choice to abort or not, most would choose to not abort. This woman exemplifies what pro-choice is NOT about.

Both sides of the fence value life. Deliberately aborting a fetus for “art’s sake” completely trivializes the immensely difficult and life-changing choice that some women are forced to make. It’s appalling. It’s like making a snuff film – films where people are killed or murdered on film (not because I think abortion in and of itself is like murder, but that the choice in making it needs to be given some weight). That’s not art. That’s disrespect for the issue, and should be condemned.

And seriously…what is the message?

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