Google Korean?

09 Jun

Article about SCUP (our pet name for the World Scholar’s Cup) from Korea – the article was originally written in Korean…..this is the Google translation:

Korean students study hard enough to surprise. In particular, very good at math. English listening and speaking it well. However, the U.S. universities that emphasize timwokeuna leadership, essay writing always seems to look weak. “

Seukalraseukeop academic world junior championship tournament,’2008 ‘(YBM Education sponsored) group, organized by the American Skiing live ¼ Buddy demidek Daniel Corp. (33 photos) representative. Bachelor’s from Stanford University in the United States, he received a master’s degree from Harvard students who had studied together for a year like this. He Seoul English Village from May 31, feeding the camp to attend the two-day event was held.
Ski school and live in a society, Mr. Buddy ¼ Koreans generally met ‘impersonations’ leadership has neunghana timwokeuna the weak. Good at studies, which together made something that was familiar with. I ate with students and colleagues, exercise, and dormitory life that ‘studies outside the classroom’ LA importance of wealth in the U.S. college gogyona was inappropriate.

He Korean students studying in the U.S. and dreaming of experience in the world look to sahoena advice. If conditions are allowed in or out of the World Congress, is also good for vacation, said the ability to travel abroad. In addition, a considerable amount of time to read and write in English, encourage investments. Essay University in the United States for seamless communication, especially because it emphasizes the areas.

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