A Vow of Silence

16 Jul

Just because you CAN talk with a sore throat doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

I’m learning this the hard way. I spent 2 hours on the phone with AT&T trying to logic with them yesterday why I should get a discounted iPhone (a word of advice for people already with AT&T – check your eligibility before you purchase the iPhone – chances are, you’re not “eligible” for an upgrade. Yes that’s right. Apple, with all its prior integrity, has very misleading advertising this year. It’s a bit depressing…and AT&T don’t seem to value loyal customers since they treat their new customers better than their old – when I argued this point, my mom points out that the world is unfair, and that she’ll get me an iPhone anyway – did I mention I have the greatest mom in the world?) – and then was given further false information by one of their customer representatives (his name is Cory Z – if you ever get him on the phone……ask for his supervisor and lodge a complaint against him on my behalf. I’ll bake you a cookie.)

AT&T did redeem itself today, when I spent about half an hour on the phone with a very nice representative named Kelly, who helped me fix my phone because for some reason, it wasn’t calling out or receiving calls.

That being said, I should mention that I’ve been running a fever the last two days, and think I might be developing laryngitis. My throat is less sore in the mornings, but starts killing me in the evenings – very probably from overuse during the day. Therefore, I’ve vowed to speak as little as possible over the next couple days to see if the soreness goes away.

Speaking of fever, isn’t it interesting what your brain comes up with when altered either by heat or chemicals? I’ve found that there are two things in life that guarantee weird dreams at night. One is fever (and the delirium that comes with it), and the other is pizza. I think it’s something about the mix of cheese and marinara sauce that infuses the brain and brings out really odd dreams. Am I the only one this happens to?

I might still be a bit delirious.

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