05 Aug

My mom’s an accountant for her company, and it’s month-end closing time, so the department has been doing a lot of expense audits. There was one that my mom ran across that just had to win the inefficiency award of the decade. (Note, you may need Google maps, or just know Southern CA geography to understand the absurdity of this)

An employee of the company, who lives in Ventura County, had a meeting in Orange County. Rather than simply driving there (which is all of, oh, 90 miles), he booked a flight from LAX to John Wayne…… with a layover in San Francisco. Think about what he had to do, though. He had to drive to LAX from Ventura County, check in, go through security, wait for his flight, hop on a plane, taxi around, take off, fly to San Fran-freakin’-cisco, wait around for the next flight, hop on the next flight, taxi, take off, etc etc, fly BACK down to John Wayne, and rent a car for the duration of his flight.

His journey back is even better. His flight back to LAX mirrored his flight to John Wayne (with the oh-so-convenient layover in San Francisco). However, his flight out of John Wayne got CANCELED.

So. He returned his rental car, rented ANOTHER car, drove it to LAX, returned that car, picked up HIS car, and drove all the way back to Ventura County.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed.

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