Creepy Facebook…

23 Oct

I just posted on my Facebook status that I “smell like coffee” (because I was just at Think Coffee with Sara earlier today). Suddenly, on my news feed, out pops Tania’s status, who is “having a coffee kind of day” (4 hours before my post), and Mikella, who “wishes she had coffee” (two minutes after mine). Note, while Mikella’s status may have been a response to mine (though possibly unlikely), I certainly didn’t see Tania’s status before posting mine. And it certaintly wasn’t on my news feed.

Coincidence? Or am I being stalked by the Facebook gods? I guess an easier explanation is that Facebook will push whatever It (yes, I believe It should be capitalized) finds up to visibility on your news feed, so you can find…friends…doing…similar things as you?

Facebook smart? Or Facebook creepy?

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