Back to NC

29 Oct

One of the best vacations I’ve ever had was visiting Cris in North Carolina last year. And, it’s been just about a week or two over a year since I’ve been there. I’ll be there for the last few days of the election (Sunday thru Wednesday), getting out the vote for Obama. And enjoying Mom’s cooking and playing with the dogs, I’m sure.

I figure, the other Cynthia (though she calls ME the “other” Cynthia), who can’t even vote in this election, is going to her nearest swing state (NV or CO…?) to get out the vote, what’s my excuse, when I’m a grad student with a relatively lax and flexible schedule? I just need to look up 12 articles on Facebook while I’m there…

Besides, NC just feels very recuperative. I think I could use that after being burned out by all the midterm-y type of things the last few weeks.

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