Philly and Phood

10 Apr

I’ve been adopted by Tanya’s parents for Easter weekend. Had a spectacular 6-hour dinner tonight with lots of delicious Arabic food, and smoked hookah for the first time. I’m still not sure of the purpose of smoking hookah…other than a social thing, and exchanging saliva, but it was fun, and tasted good. And the desserts….

Then, a 24 mini-marathon. Mini because we only got through two episodes, and I was only able to make it through the second one because I fell asleep during the first one (I had already seen it before). So exhausted. I need more sleep. And, I was so distracted and tired during the second episode that apparently something rather pivotal happened at the end of it, but I had to ask Ryan about it. Now we’re watching something about breeding rabbits. And why they breed so fast… Oh, and apparently they increase in the Fibonacci sequence. What?

There’s this barn/ranch near Tanya’s house, where they make homemade ice cream. We stopped by after picking Trina up from the dog groomers. Mmmm maple walnut ice cream… It’s been an ice-cream-ish couple days. Ray took me to Central Park yesterday, bought me strawberry shortcake ice cream, showed me the Enchanted fountain (where they shot the huge dance sequence), and got me back to the subway in time for me to run to class.

I’m so going to pass out. There’s a geocache half a mile away…I think we’re going to find it tomorrow. And…I’m starting to get a little hungry again.

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One response to “Philly and Phood

  1. Juliana

    April 12, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Mmm….now you’re making me hungry! That ice cream sounds fantastic! And I love that it’s now the enchanted fountain – that fountain was there long before the movie!!


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