Very Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

28 Apr

How many episodes of 24 are left? It’s getting so ridiculous that I actually want it to end.

Why do all these shows (24, Lost, BSG) take themselves so seriously? We need more shows like Firefly.

Why are my friends so good to me? (ok that one was sappy, but I’m just about to dig into this awesome banana bread/chocolate cupcake/cookie sandwich dessert thingy that Tanya made and brought me last night, when we went to see the opening night of “Desire Under the Elms” because Ray gave us comp tickets)

I need someone to sublet my apartment. My nice, very CLEAN apartment.

If NYU had a metal shop like Dartmouth does, I’d be in trouble. I’d be in there every weekend working on something. Maybe I should take up something where I work with my hands building and making stuff. I seem to really enjoy that. Not just building words (or, in most cases, making them up).

I have a one-way ticket to Paris in June and none other in my airline tickets queue.

I’m hungry. Grace, where ARE you?

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