20 May

At Richardś, watching Kiterunner (which is, so far, a really good movie) – we took a break to call Xiaoli, whoś in China.

Hmm… ok, so today I went to Jenś concert at Alice Tully Hall (the new thing at Lincoln Center/Juilliard). The concert was GREAT, but let me just rant a bit about what happened prior to the start of the concert.

I was going with Richard, who was running a bit late, so I decided to go in first, to make sure I didn’t miss Jen’s group (they were first – a string quartet). As I walked in, I had my phone in hand because I was going to text Richard where I was seated. The usher at the door, a grouchy old lady, was like, “Ma’am, you have to turn off your phone in the theatre.” “Ok,” I responded. Duh. I know concert etiquette. I sit down, and proceeded to text Richard exactly where I was. The woman comes back and tells me that I have to use my phone out in the lobby. Uhhh, I’m just texting my friend. You just have to use your phone out in the lobby, ma’am. Ok fine. Quick text. Took about 20 seconds. Sat back down. Kinda irritated.

The concert starts, and then, between groups, I hear someone’s cell phone go off. And go off. And then the people behind us start talking DURING THE NEXT GROUP!

Irony. If you’re going to prohibit me from TEXTING my friend BEFORE the concert starts, you’d better make sure that people aren’t using their PHONES DURING the concert or TALKING. Geeezus, lady. I was thoroughly irritated.

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