Random thing to notice

08 Sep

Ok, I can’t say I’m an expert in what shots the media shows of the US Open, but the Li Na/Clijsters match just ended…was it just me, but near the end, did they (aka ESPN) not show Li Na on screen at all, with all shots focused on Clijsters? And then there was the commentator who went on and on about how Mao Tze Dong’s goat ate the tennis net and how he (Mao), wherever he is, must be so proud. WTF?! And then he mentioned something about Chiang Kai Shek.

Asian faces invisible in the media? Hell yea.

This is my one obligatory pseudo-militant post this semester. Time to go back being dispassionately objective and academic.

Grace says this might be because Clijsters is the favorite.

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