Updates from North Carolina

27 Nov

Wow. I’ve been really MIA from this blogging thing for a while – ironic, since the Business of Media course I’m TAing requires my students to blog 2-3 times a week. I excuse my non-blogginess to spending time reading their blogs every week.

I’m back in North Carolina – taking a break before I submit my application to Northwestern’s PhD Program, blogging, listening to Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and air-conducting in the middle of Open Eye Cafe. I haven’t gotten any weird looks yet, but they’re bound to happen soon. Cris finds it amusing by puncturing the silence with, “Listening to something good?” Oh yea.

I’m also drinking some cafe mocha – and I can’t seem to sit still. It remains to be seen if I will completely crash in about an hour and spend the rest of the evening laid out on the couch feeling nauseous. Hmm…. I should probably get this application submitted before anything bad happens from this coffee…

Ok, hooray! Northwestern submitted. After completing my statement of purpose (or, really, slashing it down to meet the length requirement), took me another 3 hours to finish all the misc stuff that needed to go in.

**** five hours later ****
We’re sitting around watching Eddie Izzard. I think we learned most of our US and European history from this guy. So full I’m about to explode. I think this weekend is going to be defined by constant food coma. And my head constantly feels like it’s going to explode too. North Carolina, for some reason, wreaks havoc on my allergies. I’ve probably gone through the equivalent of an entire box of tissues since I’ve been here. I think it’s because there are things that are actually alive here — you know, in NYC, the toxins and smog in the air have killed all microorganisms. Except the cockroaches.

OK, I should concentrate on Eddie. Realize this blog is a bit disjointed, but oh well.

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