Losing a train of thought…

11 Jan

I found this in my “drafts” folder in Blogger today. It’s an incomplete blog from early November that I let sit until I forgot entirely what I was going to write about…

“I used to read so much news. I don’t anymore. It occurred to me just now as I read two articles – one about a missing baby found in a box and another about a teen who was set on fire. You know, the 2-minute news stories that are entertaining, but ultimately inconsequential. I used to snarf those up. What happened?

“Anyway. I had an epiphany today on the train. Not really an epiphany, but just a quiet thought, I guess.” …….?!

Ok, that is where I stopped. Reading that again, I want to take myself by the shoulders and shake me and yell, WHAT WAS YOUR EPIPHANY?! I even tried looking in my journal to see if I made some sort of reference to this epiphany about stupid news, and couldn’t find any. Maybe my quiet thought had to do with the fact that there’s so much consequential stuff out there I need to read that I can’t take the time to read stupid news like that. Or maybe it’s all this insignificant news that’s causing a culture of fear and paranoia in which our society seems to be entrenched. Or maybe it’s lamenting the fact that we’ve gotten so lost in the little details of culture and life that we lose sight of the really “important” stuff. I really don’t know.

Maybe this blog is more representative of why I shouldn’t be reading news. I simply don’t have time. I mean, I obviously don’t have time to finish a blog (until now). But I somehow magically find time to Facebook-stalk people for hours. My response to myself there is, hey, it’s for research.

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