Caffeinated randomness

21 May

I’ve noticed in the past year that I get bad headaches and nausea when I drink coffee. Usually coffee that tastes acidic. So I’ve strayed away from coffee lately. Tonight after dinner, though, we stopped by a Starbucks, and I got one of my favorite drinks from days of yore – the White Chocolate Mocha. Doing ok so far. Starbucks never gave me an icky feeling. Maybe I should just have Starbucks.

J said they should put alcohol in coffee. All I can remember is my EMT teacher telling us that mixing Red Bull (stimulant) and alcohol (depressant) will confuse your heart so much (since it won’t know to slow down or speed up) that it will simply stop. Swell. Plus, you’re not allowed to have open containers of alcohol in NYC. Or LA. Can you imagine if Starbucks put alcohol in your coffee? And you were pulled over?
“Uh, Officer, I swear, it’s just a coffee. Want a taste?”

Hrm. How does Kahlua do it? Does Kahlua even have caffeine in it?

I think that coffee made me sleepy.

And finally, the best quote about coffee I’ve discovered lately:
“This coffee tastes like poopy shit!” ~Alice in TLW
Although my coffee tonight definitely did NOT taste like poopy shit. It tasted like delicious heavenly white-chocolately sweetness.

K. Time to finish watching my Netflix DVD so I can get a new one.

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