23 Jun

Small world.

On Monday, one of my professors at NYU, Sal Fallica, emailed me about an article that was going to appear in the NY Times on Tuesday about Justin Bieber’s backup singers, an Asian American music group called Legaci (which was discovered via YouTube, apparently).

On Tuesday, I was at my friend Evan’s going away party (for which, he says, I have the best excuse not to show up – we’re going to be at USC together for a very very long time), and at the party, I caught up with two old friends, Claire and Sloan, who mentioned that Dawen was mentioned in the New York Times. The same day, I saw that Alfa (check out her new music vid on her site: had written a congratulatory note to Melissa Polinar for her mention in the New York Times. Melissa and I had songs that were featured on the same sampler mix on years ago, and I had fallen madly in love with her song, “Meant For Me.”

Today (Wednesday), I received an email from USC – the CommLine newsletter, the one for Annenberg, and realized the article is written by Josh Kun, who is the professor at USC I spoke with when I visited in March because I felt we had similar research interests and I would learn a lot from working with him.

Fun, eh?

Here’s the article:

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