Living on a Cloud

29 Sep

Cloud computing and storage has been the big thing lately. Things like Rhapsody and Spotify are based on the idea that you don’t physically own mp3s on your hard drive (as physically as one can own mp3s). Now Google wants in too. Last time I spoke with Raymond Roker of URB Magazine, after our debate about the iPad, he mentioned that he’s really trying to store everything on the cloud. His rationale was very rational. “Google has millions of servers all around the world. I have one server, and if that crashes, I lose everything.”

There’s been a lot of resistance to the idea of cloud computing. There’s a comfort in owning something, in being able to access it without having Internet access. After all, Internet access is still far from ubiquitous. But if you think about it, banks used to be suspiciously looked upon. People would rather store their cash or gold or what have you under their bed. Entrust someone else with your entire life savings? Hell no! Of course, if your house burned down, you’d be left with nothing, whereas banks are insured. Perhaps there will come a day when we think it’s silly that people used to download mp3s, and everyone lives on the cloud. I’m not quite there yet, but if I follow the bank analogy, it may not be a too long time in coming.

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