Testing Posterous

14 Jan
I’m taking Josh Kun’s class this semester, and we’re told to blog a lot a lot. I’m also linking this post to my main blog page, and fear that if I post something every day, my friends on Facebook and Twitter might completely disown me.

Josh’s class is a sound studies/pop music culture class. We had our first (short) class today, after reading James Joyce’s “The Dead” (which I had never read before), but thought it was very interesting to see how the audio becomes translated into the written when audio recording or other portrayals of the audio were not possible during Joyce’s time.

In other news, my fridge is humming and my stomach is growling. The humming of the fridge, though, blocks out most other sounds. And as quiet as my apartment gets at night, I’m often reminded of how close I live to a busy street when sirens go screaming by late at night.

Oh, another quick thing I’ve noticed. Classical KUSC played Dvorak’s Carnival Overture on the radio the other day. I’m sure I can look this up, but I think they adjust the volume during to make sure that the levels are high enough so one can hear the music in the car. Because when I play my version of Carnival Overture on my iPhone or computer, the pianissimos can barely be heard, and if you turn up your volume during those time, the fortes and the fortissimos that come later blow out your eardrums. So, this is my suspicion that the radio station messes with the volume as they play a piece, but I’m not sure. Of course, we all know that radio dead air time is, well, deadly.

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