17 Jan
I just spent the better part of three hours in the car listening to country music – Go Country (KKGO 105.1) and KHAY (100.7)…I know, I know, keep your snide comments to yourself for now. But, this is what is flabbergasting.

On my way from LA to Thousand Oaks (my hometown), I listened to KKGO, then KHAY once KKGO got too staticky. I heard ONE woman singer, singing the worst song ever (Carrie Underwood’s Mama’s Song – Carrie, you disappoint me. A lot. That song is awful. What were you thinking?!). On the way back, I listened only to KKGO, which was doing commercial-free Mondays (jarring in and of itself to hear country music with no commercials), and went thru about 9 or 10 songs all sung by a male singer, until I finally got another Carrie Underwood song (All-American Girl), followed by 6 more songs by male singers before I reached home and had to get out of the car because these stats were depressing me to much. On the way back, I was in the car for close to an hour, listening to the same radio station.

Yes, ladies and gents — two hours worth of music, and only TWO female singers were aired the entire time. Granted, I did get out of the car at a couple points, and changed stations, so I suppose female singer songs MIGHT have come on the station I wasn’t listening to, but I think that still makes a point in that randomly switching channels will also get similar results – that if you’re listening to country music, you’re most likely listening to a male singer. A white male singer (I’m not going to even get into THAT)…

I’m no gender studies/feminist theory person, but even I know there’s something…not quite…right…about this…

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