On the way to san diego

29 Jan
I’m in san Diego right now and quite without Internet, so I’ll do my best with this post. There was a bad accident on the southbound 5 as I was driving down to sd, effectively turning the freeway into a crawling parking lot. I rolled down my windows. And enjoyed the sounds of traffic around. And I’m not being facetious. Being in a car all the time mutes out sounds from the world, making us detached from the space we’re in. The simple act of rolling down my windows on the 5 seemed to connect me back to the world. Like the feeling you get walking around a city with no walls between you and the next Human being. Everything felt clearer. The crunch of tires on the asphalt, the engines of the cars around me, the occasional motorcycle brave enough to ride between the stalled lines of cars, and sometimes the muffled sounds of someone else’s stereo blasting a rhythmic beat (and yes, sometimes I could only hear the bass).

Also, I noticed that the radio stations I listen to cut out somewhere around san Juan capistrano. Some before that. Kusc actually lasted the longest, but dissolved into static in proximity of SD. I’m posting with CNN playing in the background about Egypt and organizing via social media.

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