03 Feb
After 5 months of listening exclusively to the radio while in the car (mostly KUSC and KPCC, and some country music, as evidenced by previous posts), I finally bought some blank CDs and burned a CD of songs I listened to while I was still living in NYC. In NYC, we listened to music mostly through earphones. The CD I burned has a good mix of all genres of music, including some Pearl Jam (The End), Charisse (Listen), Madonna, some country, and some indie, soft acoustic stuff. One thing I noticed right away when I played the CD in my car was the presence of bass in the Charisse and Sade songs, which literally vibrate the car (and I don’t turn my music up too loudly).
Just interesting to me that, whereas thru earphones, I could hear the bass, but I couldn’t FEEL it until I put it in my car. Maybe my car speakers are just better.
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