07 Feb
I’m watching Flashdance for the first time. I’m only 30 minutes in, but can already conclude that it’s schizophrenic and plotless. This also means I will have 80’s music stuck in my head for the rest of the week.

In other news, Jennifer Beals is on The Chicago Code tomorrow night, but I will be stuck in meetings all evening. API Equality Public Education Committee, you’d better feel special! I’m choosing you over Jennifer Beals. Speaking of…the timbre of JBeals’ voice has changed rather drastically over the years. But the grain of her voice remains the same. I can’t remember right now who says that though…Adorno?

(and to class members, or my professor, who are reading this and may be somewhat confused by my over-personal blogs: because I don’t want to keep track of tons of blogs, and I don’t like having separate blogs with different stuff on them, I have this posterous blog forwarded directly to my main blogger blog ( — if this becomes too annoying or too irrelevant, let me know and I’ll blog separately for the remainder of the semester)

…what a feelin’…….

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