Strangeness on Figueroa

09 Feb
Heading north on Figueroa a little before 7pm tonight, I encountered a ton of traffic. Unexpected. Near LA Live, though, there seemed to be commotion. I saw lots of lights – seems to be very renau. So I turned off my radio and rolled down my windows. Not only were people cheering, but there were teenage girls SCREAMING in a very high pitch. I thought, it HAS to be Justin Bieber, which was confirmed when I got home and googled it, but I swear, I didn’t know beforehand, until I heard high-pitched screaming. Because who else would there be high-pitched screaming for? I figure, high pitched screaming would be limited to a small age range. Once you hit your mid-20’s or so, you wouldn’t be screaming at such a high pitch. There’s a modicum of propriety people seem to develop. Most people. I’m not going to overgeneralize. So this establishes the fact that there were a lot of excited teenage girls there. What then, I though, would teenage girls be screaming at (a la Beatles back in the day)? Must be male. The only thing I could think of was Justin Bieber. How right I was.

All this just from hearing high-pitched screaming.

In a completely unrelate tangent, Jen Kwok is awesome. And I still can’t get enough of this video (it’s a live performance at Kollaboration NYC 2010):

And the actual music video for the song is here:

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