Skype saves sick synthia

21 Feb
It’s been a week, and I’m still sick. Like, bedridden sick. As in, I had to call my friend this morning and ask her to bring me food and sustenance.
So because I couldn’t make yet another meeting today, I had a Skype conference with Robby. I’m helping him with his class. And because I was looking like crap, we didn’t use the video feature. So during the call, all I had were aural cues. A few thoughts – Skype’s quality is fantastic. I could hear everything clearly. Really clearly. And not only that, but I could hear the antics going on in Robby’s house in the background. His son, Atticus, at one point, locked himself in the bathroom, and I could hear his wife cajoling him to open the door in Chinese. And at one point, I hear intense crying. Atticus apparently did a face plant on the ground. It was fun, though, to sit back and visualize what was going on across Skype just based on sound, and by some limited verbal cues from Robby himself.

In other news, The Chicago Code is on. And I really like the theme song. (it’s not on YouTube yet)

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