Into Disney with a Sound Recorder

28 Feb
Went to Disneyland today to record some sound for a bigger project I want to do. Just a few disconnected thoughts:

– It feels creepy going in there with an audio recorder. As in, I feel creepy, because cameras are normal, but audio recordings are not. People probably thought I was a spy.

– sound mapping is challenging because of all the stuff that falls thru the cracks, simply because sound is so ephemeral, so in the moment. I can take 5 minutes of sound at a particular spot, but I’m missing who knows how much more at the time. Conversely, the Haunted Mansion is going to look a certain way for the entire day.

– In the Tiki Room, the animatronics are LOUD. It completely overwhelms the actual music recording that is played there. I have a sound recording of it.

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