20111_comm_620_20911: You Are Listening to Los Angeles

10 Mar
Perry – posting this to my blog. Blog readers (all, you know, 3 of you), this was sent to me by a classmate of mine. Fascinating.

It’s interesting – I listened to NY, LA, and Chicago (the three cities I’ve called home!) and all the dispatchers seem to be female! Actually, there are a lot of female voices here in Chicago (which I’m listening to right now).

In Chicago, there’s a disturbance at a club by an “extremely intoxicated male refusing to leave,” and a suspicious-looking auto.

OH they just said that there’s an incident, and was cautioned to “be professional.” errrr?!

The ambient music is kinda creepy. I turned it off. It makes it feel as though it’s pre-recorded.


Cynthia Wang
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California

On Mar 9, 2011, at 1:15 AM, Perry Johnson wrote:

Hi friends!

Thought this might interest those of you thinking about sound mapping and the soundscape(s) of LA for the final project–if not, still a fascinating project.

You Are Listening to Los Angeles: LAPD Police Radio and Ambient Music

Enjoy your spring break!


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