Kind of brilliant

15 Mar

Never seen anything like this before. And it’s pretty brilliant in terms of Internet and advertising. And so incredibly simple.

I just got into Logan, and waiting here for two hours for the first bus to get here (oh, the joys of red-eye flights). Logan has Internet. I can access Internet automatically from my iPhone and iPad (I think – I haven’t tried the iPad yet, but I have had experience where if it’s an apple product, it will log you right in, and my iPhone seemed to pick it right up). Then, because I had some deliverables I needed to send out, I pull out my laptop to see if Logan is giving my laptop free wifi.

It does, conditionally. But it’s a condition I don’t think anyone would complain about if free wifi is the reward.

The site that pops up gives three options – either you can log in with boingo, pay for a day pass, or watch a 30-second ad by Asus (at least mine was Asus). I, of course, chose the last option. After a painless and rather entertaining ad, voila! Internet!

What can you say? Boston’s full of smart people.

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One response to “Kind of brilliant

  1. cyndaminthia

    March 15, 2011 at 4:35 am

    I lied. Apple also needs a sign-in — you can download a free app, and they give you free wifi for half an hour.


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