questioning my sanity

05 Apr
As you can probably see, for some reason, I've been in deep songwriting mode.

I'm playing a show on April 15th in Long Beach, which will be a B-sides show – new songs (mostly), and songs no one has heard before…and going thru the set list, I realize about 4 or 5 songs are all in C#Maj. So I have this crazy idea to do one continuous 20-minute medley-type chunk (medley-type because the full songs will get played, and not just pieces) that just flows from one piece to the next. Unfortunately, because all 4 or 5 songs are stylistically different, I'm not sure of the best order to put them in, how to transition from one to the next without sounding completely bonkers, and the last time I combined songs, it was only two, and I ended up with a 9-minute song that exhausted me by the time I reached the end.

I think I might have talked myself out of this idea. It's 1:30am, and ideas that seem great late at night may prove to be mistakes in day's harsh light (wouldn't you know it, I'm an accidental poet — just in time for the hip hop unit this week, although my rhymes here are somewhat meek)

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