Diz again

11 Apr
I can't stand Disneyland's totalitarian ideology. My goodness. Even the roller coaster has a soundtrack that runs for the entire ride, then concludes when the ride stops, and it's so loud as to seek to drown out the sound of the car on the track. It's deafening. It's like, Disney really doesn't want you to hear anything other than what they want you to hear, or what they produce.

My friend tried to bring her ukulele into the park once, to play it while waiting in line (and possibly entertain the people around her), and the park officials told her she was not allowed to bring it into the park. Disney clearly did not want anything other than their own musical sounds inside the park.

Which, then, begs the question why they don't ban singing (obviously, it's harder to ban singing…).

Yesterday night, my friends and I watched World of Color twice – once from the front – or, how you're supposed to watch it. And then once from the back. Watching it from the back was really illuminating (pun not intended). When the water screen comes up, there is a distinct "pffft" sound of the water starting. You hear the unproduced sounds a lot better behind the scene – the machinery and the water dropping into the lagoon – and the produced sounds are muffled because all of the speakers are pointing in the other direction. A very VERY different sonic experience.

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