KaoHsiung International Airport

16 Dec

In an attempt to document all of the traveling I do, especially in light of my research, I’m going to start blogging about connectivity at various airports, and other time-related stuff. Boring, I know, to most people, so just ignore this.

I’m currently sitting in the KaoHsiung Airport waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. I think there is only one terminal, but I found a great wifi spot – it’s right outside of the Ever Rich Duty Free store, and all it takes is a one-push button “log in” to access wifi. The connection speed is not bad either. There are some numbered “AIRPORT” wifi networks – I think over 10 – I haven’t had a chance to encounter all of them, but their connection speed seems even faster than the Ever Rich one (although it felt sluggish when I was on my iPhone).
BTW if anyone knows exactly what a website like measures, I’m all ears.
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