IML 501

The impetus for this site was for a class I took in the Spring of 2012. In this section, I will take you thru the assignments I completed for this class, and the thoughts accompanying them.

A major question that has been plaguing me since the start of my research in digital media has been around how effective the Internet and digital media is in effecting social change. Is the Internet and digital media merely an illusion of a more democratized society?

Through this class, we explored things through images, video and sound, and words. Not only did we do the conventional academic thing by reading and analyzing the works of others, but we created our own, examining first-hand the tension between theory and praxis, thinking about how to use practice and the creation of digital media flows into the theoretical frameworks discussed in words. My work and musings in this class can be divided into three main categories – temporality, agency and democracy, and the tension between linear and non-linear forms of knowledge.

Technology has drastically shifted the ways in which we think about time. This happens in different ways, though. On one hand, temporally-bound mediums such as video and audio, the proliferation of which has been greatly helped by technological advancements and the Internet, can largely only be experienced in a linear fashion.

Time – ways of seeing, weinberger, bush Agency and democracy – social change, awareness – tactical media, remix, images Questions of linearity – ways of seeing, taking culture seriously, bush


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