Somebody forgot to take out the garbage

25 Feb

I ran across this youtube site through an acquaintance of mine. I was flabbergasted that such things still existed. Well, on second thought, I can’t say I was surprised, but I guess living in a silo of people who are much more conscientious of propriety (and much better educated in these issues) lulls me into a false sense of security.

This was my response to this acquaintance:

“Just wondering if you and your company realize the second one is INCREDIBLY racist and offensive to the Asian and Asian American communities. It’s horrifically politically incorrect and plays into harmful, negative, and inaccurate stereotypes of people of Asian descent. I obviously realize that filmmakers are entitled to their creative expression, but I’d appreciate if you might mention something to the filmmakers about my sentiments. This is ridiculous and tasteless in its derogatory content and utter lack of consciousness and cultural sensitivity.”

Watch as much as you can of it (I took about 20 seconds of it before vomit threatened to happen and I shut it off), and feel free to vent with me.

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