Listening – a skill so easy, yet so few possess

27 Feb

I have two phones in my office. One, which I use mainly, has a 2020 extension number. The other one is x2019. For the last two days, the 2019 number has been ringing off the hook. This is because, apart from re-carpeting my office, which has me suffocating in re-carpeting fumes, they apparently tinkered with my phones as well. Now anyone calling for 3002 gets directed to my office.

What strikes me is not necessarily the fact that there are so many calls to Outpatient Surgery (this is to be expected), but that no one listens when you first answer the phone.

I always answer my office phones with “Clinical Care Extenders, this is Cynthia.” Between a very enthusiastic, “This is Rita!” (obviously assuming that I would know who “Rita” is), and “We don’t have your schedule!” (what schedule?!), I’ve concluded that no one actually got the fact that this is the Clinical Care Extender Office. What part of “Clinical Care Extenders” sounds like “Outpatient Surgery”? I’m going to start answering the phones “Hello, if you’re looking for Outpatient Surgery, we’re not it, so stop thinking I have any idea what you’re talking about.”

I think the fumes are getting to my head.

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