Buried under books

11 Mar

There are 5 books stacked on my nightstand, three in my backpack, three in my car (recently borrowed from the library), one in front of my computer in my room (Asimov’s “Foundation”), and a few others piled in random places.

I’ve definitely hit that threshold in reading where it seems hopeless to finish all the books I’ve lined up for myself. The good new is a lot of these books are “honor books”, meaning I can return them to the library when I’m done (I’ve given up on buying books – why do it when you can borrow them? Keeps your room from cluttering up and is way more economical – I need to start living like a starving grad student). The bad news is one of the longest books I’m reading (a Martin book) is due back by the end of the month. This one I might end up buying.

So many books…not to mention DVDs to watch, and songs to learn…

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