Gassing down to a stop

14 May

I finally did it. I finally made the decision to go from the 89 grade gas to the 87 (regular…..cheapest) grade gas. My car might be bumpy for a while, but honestly, a Camry doesn’t justify more expensive gas.

I’m also making the resolution to keep my speedometer under 70 mph. My speedometer reads 5 mph faster than actual speed, so I’m trying to keep my max speed to under 65 mph. Mostly to see whether or not I see higher mileage over the next few weeks.

Driving slower is really more a psychological test of restraint than anything, because I’m used to driving with the flow of traffic, which is … well, a lot faster than 65 mph. So today on the way home, I had all these cars speeding by me, no doubt peeking in to see just how old of an old lady I am. It takes all my self-restraint to not speed up and overtake them all! I’m thinking of putting a sign on my back window that says something like “Slow Down, Save Gas!” I mean, I have my pride to think about!

In any case, I won’t have to worry about getting speeding tickets.

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