Another Asian City

27 May

Sitting here in YBM’s office in Seoul with Monica listening to Daniel Powter and trying to stay cool. Daniel and Ross are with Alaina doing an interview with the press. I think. It’s very peaceful. We’re kinda stuck here because we’re not sure how to get back to our hotel. It’s ok, I have power, I have wireless (I think I’m stealing it from a nearby Starbucks), I have over half of Season 6 of 24, and I have some weird honey drink. I’m good to go.

This is my first time actually crossing the Korean border – last time, we only had a layover an Incheon Airport, where we had some really good bibimbap on our way to China. I have to say, as a city, it doesn’t really impress, but I keep thinking, this is the place where FINKL and SES and HOT and all those Kpop bands I used to love are based! Though…. I don’t think those bands are really popular anymore.

I am very tired though. Still jet-lagged. And our bed is really hard, and the towels have a weird odor to it. Come to think of it, so do the pillows…. maybe it’s the detergent they use?

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