Geocache Find #1 – Pill box outside Valley Pres

12 Jan

I had lunch with Jenn today at Valley Pres, wished Neil happy birthday and said hi to Gandhi and Cindy, and got a tour from Ali (new sim lab guy) of the newly constructed, but not-yet open sim lab! It was very rewarding, seeing that when I was at COPE, the sim lab was something that we were discussing and working toward making happen.

Afterward, I found that there was a geocache hidden on the outer perimeter of Valley Pres. Went looking for it, and found it! My first geocache find ever! So in case you haven’t heard of it yet, geocaching is something that was introduced to me by JW when we were doing a murder mystery at the Getty this weekend. It’s basically this global treasure hunt – over 700,000 geocaches are hidden around the world – they’re everywhere. There are like, 10 within a mile of my house. Anyway, the geocaches can be any size, and they all have a log, where you put your name and date on it, and some may have little goodies. The one I found today is an old pillbox and had some sort of tooth and a small pendant in it. You can take something from the cache, as long as you replace it with something of equal or greater value. Then, after you find it, you go and log it as a find on This is my log:

I used to work at Valley Pres, but this was out of the way from where I worked. I guess it shows I’m an amateur since it took me a good 20 minutes or so trying to find it. I got some funny looks from the ambulance drivers. I also encountered a woman who lost her way and needed to know where the hospital was. As if I looked like I knew where I was, looking around aimlessly and staring blankly at the place my GPS said the cache would be… she seemed satisfied with my directions though.

Took nothing, but left a Kune in there (Croatian coin). Thanks!


This can get a bit addicting, I think. Friends in NYC, beware! I will be dragging you with me for geocaching fun!

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