Movie List #1

14 Jan

I must have way too much time on my hands this break – reading Twilight, watching American Idol, and now starting a blog series listing my favorite movies alphabetically.

So here’s the idea. I’ll come up with a list of movies that all start with the same letter that I like at the time, and why I like (incredibly briefly), once a week. This will take me about half a year. So in 6 months, we’ll do this again, but backwards, and probably with other movies. And because this is all very in the moment, I’ll probably miss a lot of movies I really like, but aren’t foremost in my poor overwrought brain (overwrought by the effort of trying to get through Twilight, not by reading Twilight itself – I’m doing this for YOU, Emily!). A vague disclaimer is no one’s friend (place that quote!).

Because I spent most of finals week(s) watching Mary Poppins and A Mighty Wind, I’m going to start with M:

Mary Poppins:
Probably one of the only Disney movies I don’t find hegemonic. It’s fun, it has Julie Andrews and songs in it…what more can you ask for? Have you wondered though…why does Julie Andrews always play either nannies or royalty?

A Mighty Wind:
A mighty mocumentary. It was what I popped into the DVD player every night after shooting “The Ship Game” (my senior thesis film). Plus, John Michael Higgins plays a tenor guitar in the film.

The Matrix:
I feel like I took the red pill by going to grad school.

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