Geocache Finds 2 and 3

14 Jan

Need I make a disclaimer about my post containing geocaching spoilers?

I think the two I found today were placed by the same person, but one was in Simi, one was in Thousand Oaks. The Thousand Oaks one took me two tries…and I was getting seriously frustrated. My GPS told me we were right on top of the cache, but we couldn’t find it. Went bushwacking for a bit, till two muggles asked what we were doing – they had just come out of Topper’s Pizza and were probably watching us for a good while. Then they helped us look. And concluded that the gardeners for the area must have raked it up.

I went back again after failing to find another cache – this one a big one, but in the middle of nowhere, and the location was full of animal holes – snakes with venomous teeth or small burrowing mammal, I’m not sure. When I got back to Geocache Find #2 location, I sat down in the exact spot my GPS said the cache was at. Pretty frustrated at this point. The description says I was looking for a magnetic key box thingy. The only thing that was magnetic in the vicinity was the railing near Toppers, a rain gutter, and a street lamp. I had tried the railing and the rain gutter, so I started examining a street lamp. Another geocacher had said the grab was really easy (imagine how dumb I was feeling by this point), and had grabbed it without getting out of his car. Ok.

Turns out the bottom part of the street lamp lifts, and the box was stuck to the inside!

Later this evening, after dinner, I found a geocache nearby in Simi, which led us directly to a streetlamp next to a Burger King. I knew what to do from there. Maybe it’s a learning curve, as I learn how geocachers hide stuff.


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