Who’s kidding who?

14 Mar

So, I attempted to try and maintain two blog “series” on this blog – one for movies, and one for geocaching. Two months after starting, they both amount to an EPIC FAIL. *sigh*

I did, however, get to see Revolutionary Road and Coraline before I came back to LA. Coraline was awesome. I need to see that again, maybe write a paper on it, do something nerdy like that. Revolutionary Road was rather predictable – I mean, you KNOW what’s going to happen at the end at around minute 20. Can’t wait to see Sunshine Cleaning when it comes out. I love Amy Adams. And, waiting for the Happy-Go-Lucky DVD, though Melissa walked out in the middle of it! Melissa, she’s SUPPOSED to be annoying! I think you may have just given Sally Hawkins a huge compliment!

As for geocaching, that’s officially on hold until it warms up a bit in NYC. Maybe I’ll find some caches here in LA this week.

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