Serious media overload…and games

17 Mar

Ever since I got home to LA for spring break, I’ve been suffering from serious media overload. Let’s list them, shall we?

– First of all, there’s the pile of readings for next week.
– Then there’s fun-reading novels I’ve been accumulating for the last year or so.
– I should also mention that I have a G5 tower with a huge flatscreen in my room that I usually use for film and media editing, but when I’m not doing that, because it’s not connected to the Internet, I watch DVDs on it. Much more reliable than my TV and DVD player hook up in my room.
– There’s a beautiful HD flatscreen TV downstairs in the living room begging for me to take advantage of it (and ravish it and make love to it…ohh, this ended up in a very different place than where it started…)
– And finally, the computer (MacBook) on which I’m writing this blog, which IS connected to the Internet.

Hence, I have been juggling:

– Legitimate readings for class (The Conquest of Cool, Hacker Culture, and some Foucault – I do love me some Foucault over break, and I’m only being a little sarcastic)
– Trashy readings like Greg Iles’ Third Degree, and Raymond Khoury’s The Sanctuary, not to mention my wanting to read The Neverending Story again since it came up over brunch yesterday. The Neverending Story is nowhere near trashy. Just so we’re clear.
– Two papers – one Response Paper on the Oscars, which really shouldn’t take me more than a couple hours to pound out, if only I would stop getting distracted… and a one-page *treatment* type thing to give to one of my profs on what I want to do my final paper on. Something about the iPhone, the computer, code, digital technology, the Internet, and structures of power. I realize it’s still kinda hazy. I really want to work anonymity in it too.
– Forrest Gump and Farewell My Concubine have taken over the beautiful, luscious HD flatscreen in the living room. And I watched 24 on it today too. And Food Network. FINALLY, television! After being deprived all semester…
– Fingersmith and Charmed is playing on my G5.
– And because I need the Internet for the latest episodes, BSG has been playing on this MacBook.

And, on top of all this media-related stuff, I still have a letter of recommendation to do, a college essay to edit, study abroad forms to fill out, taxes to do, Disneyland to go to, Sabi to spend time with, songs to write, food to eat (especially the pasta from lunch today and lots of leftover sushi from tonight – Mama, Daddy, and I totally over-ordered – and at Trader Joe’s tonight, Mama actually asked if I needed any more food), people to see…

Other than the near-burning of Juliana and Palak’s apartment during game night, it’s been wonderful being back home. And even the near-burning of the apartment was… amusing (and quite a relief that nothing worse happened). Juliana attempted to make s’mores in her oven. Realized baking them for a minute was too long – the marshmallows caught on fire WAY before that. Mario taught me how to mix my first drink (Bacardi and cranberry juice…except the cranberry juice mysteriously disappeared, or got consumed, halfway through the evening, so my second drink was Bacardi and coke). Michael V told me to brace myself for Friday (I think I’ll just let myself be dragged around Disneyland like a rag doll…). Angeline and Sam let in some random dog when they arrived that somehow got loose from its owner across the way. Hiromi was still glowing from her wedding (I still want to see more pictures!). Jen (among others, but I think my respect for her as a Werewolf expert is just really high given the last time she fooled us ALL when she WAS the Werewolf) led the Citizens to a rousing victory against the Werewolves, despite the fact that everyone kept getting the finger pointed at by Claire. I FINALLY met Liz Pan. And all of us were happy we were not Giada de Laurentis. Is that even how you spell her name?! There were s’mores, Mary Ellen’s homemade rice krispy treats, cheese, hummus, veggies, Claire’s green grandma cupcakes, mini cheeseburgers (I could so use one right now), guac & chips, and more cupcakes. I shouldn’t have eaten beforehand…

Speaking of eating, Crave is … good…but not worth the wait. That was the longest wait for food in the history of…histories. I’ve been to better crepe places, but I think everyone would agree I was grumpier than usual yesterday.

And speaking of food, I’m hungry again.

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