Daniel Powter makes me think of…

06 May

You know how certain songs or albums or songs of certain artists will make you think of certain things? I just downloaded a few of my favorite Daniel Powter songs (Bad Day, Free Loop, Love You Lately, Song 6, Next Plane Home), and listening to them is all nostalgia. All from LA, and living in LA – the good stuff, not the trafficky stuff. Sometimes the trafficky stuff. Driving down PCH to 3rd Ave to walk around and people-watch. Going to the Grove for a free Jewel concert. Walking around at night listening to all the street musicians. All the good ones (cuz you have to get permits and audition if you want to play at the Promenade). Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. Getting Wetzel’s Pretzel dog and trying to figure out how to get ketchup and mustard on it without making a mess on yourself.

It’s taken me way to long to write this blog, and now I can’t remember why I wrote it. Oh well, here it is anyway.

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