Quick headachy thoughts/rhetorical questions

26 May

These could go in a status update, but that’d just be silly. Why is it that now we have status updates that I think in short sentences?

I have a headache. Perhaps I should finish the Toblerone sitting on my coffee table.

Does anyone else feel like panicking after reading Marita’s syllabus for the summer?

My new glasses make me look like I’m perpetually sleep deprived. Though now I can see really really well. (Contacts don’t correct for my astigmatism. These new glasses do)

What the heck am I going to do without a guitar for 2 months? Write poetry?!

Really really enjoying Ender’s Game. But I’m trying to read it as slowly as possible to make it last. There are other Ender-related books, right?

Why does chocolate make cankersores HURT LIKE HELL?!

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