Touristy Hong Kong

11 Jul

I know, I know. I’ve been awful at blogging since starting to travel this summer.

I’ve been in Hong Kong the last three days with Tanya. She has pictures and a list of stuff we did on her blog…just looking at that list makes me exhausted. No wonder I passed out early last night.

We can’t believe we’re actually here together in Hong Kong though. A mere month ago, we realized we would be in Asia around the same time and were like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we met up for a few days?” And Tanya (mostly Tanya) made it happen, with only a couple emails and two skype calls. Tanya’s on her way to Cambodia today.

Such a change from Paris. In Paris, other than the Montparnasse tower, nothing is built over 6 floors. Hong Kong just builds up. Definitely has that modern big city feel. Not quite New York – I’m not sure I can describe it yet. Maybe it’s been the places we’ve gone to, but I feel like I’m in the middle of Times Square all the time. Especially Nathan Rd. Which I’m starting to loathe…possibly because we walked up and down it like, 5 times yesterday.

We went to Lantau to see the giant Buddha and the monastery yesterday. Right as the tram pulled up to the little Village up there, it started POURING. It was like God was turning on and off the faucet up there. It would pour for a few seconds, then STOP. Then POUR again, then STOP. Much like how we shower here at my dad’s. The shower has a tendency to flood, so in order to minimize that, we turn on and off the shower as needed. But anyway. We got DRENCHED. Sort of like how one would get drenched if one were to shower with one’s clothes on.

Just got back from a dip in the ocean. My dad lives 5 minutes from the ocean, and the water’s really nice, especially when it’s crazy hot out, like it’s been recently.

I’ve also, thanks to Teresa, found out that there are many old friends here in HK. I think there might be some reunions and lots of catching up to do. 🙂

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