Oh my god, are you 5?

16 Jul

Soupe is in need of a new home. The little aquarium tank I bought for him is way to small, and he has no room to swim, not to mention that his only perch is a Campbell soup can. So, I found a pet store in the Ma On Shan Plaza, near my dad’s place. No idea where in the plaza it is though. Whatever, it can’t be that big, right? I head off, and upon entering the store, probably looked disoriented, and stood for a while trying to determine the best plan of action to find this pet store. All of a sudden, I felt a puff of air on my arm and looked to my side, where a woman was RIGHT there next to me (I either stepped into her path, or she stepped into mine), who had huffed air onto my arm in a fit of annoyance or something. She must have been at least 30 or 40, so I don’t know what vehemence or venom I incurred, because then she KICKED ME IN THE SHIN! Rather hard too, I might add.

If it wasn’t so ridiculously absurd and unexpected, I probably would have taken it up with her, loudly and with articulated emphasis that what she did was just not cool. Instead, I had Sunset Boulevard pumping through my headset and was bent on making sure Soupe didn’t die before the week was out, and really, the entire situation, and her absolute immaturity and impropriety made the entire situation laughable. It became a “WTF, mate?” situation.

WTF, mate? Do you walk your kids to school with that foot?

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One response to “Oh my god, are you 5?

  1. Dining on Deals

    July 16, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Um, mate? Are you Australian now?:) You should have told her a turtle's life was a stake, but she would have cared then!


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