Radisson, we meet again.

11 Mar

Just got settled in at the Radisson in Downtown LA. As fate would have it, it’s the same Radisson right next door to the Sizzler’s we came to all the time (before it closed), and the last time I stayed in here was for a grand total of 3 hours while working on a grant for COPE (which also cost some ridiculous amount).

Allen and I stayed at the office till around 3am or something. Then I was back in the office at 7 or 8 the next morning to get the grant out the door by 5p. It was intense, and sadly, our grant wasn’t even reviewed because of a technicality.

Yup. Back on my old stomping grounds-ish for a couple days. Oh, the memories. At least the air is thicker here, but smog-filled.

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