LA’s car culture

12 Mar

Epiphany. Why do we need 4 to 5-seater cars when there’s usually only one person driving in it at any given time? Can you imagine how much SPACE there would be in the freeways of LA if each car could only hold on person? There would only be a quarter of the physical space on roads taken up by cars! We should all be driving around in single-seater pods with the family car at home for when we need it.

I know there are logistical and safety issues involved in this, but take, for a moment, my family. At one point, we had 5 cars. FIVE. We had only four people in our family that needed seats. Maybe five, if we counted our dog. How many seats did we have in our cars? Four sedans (at 5 seats each), and one mini-van (which can seat 7 people) – that’s 27 seats. For 4 people. I mean, even a family of 4 that has TWO cars still has 10 seats to their disposal)

Something to think about.

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