Maximum Punishment, and a new country

08 Jul

Have you noticed those signs that prevent you from doing something? Like smoking or littering? And how they always come with a “maximum punishment”? For example, if you smoke in the airplane lavatory, you’ll be fined a few thousand dollars, and possibly spend a maximum of 2 years in prison. I often wondered about why the signs attempt to make would-be criminals feel better about committing the crime. It’s almost like saying, “Oh, you can go ahead and commit this crime because the WORST that can happen to you is so and so.” Shouldn’t the signs be more scary in order to better deter people from doing that which the establishment does not want them to do? Like, “if you smoke in the lavatory, you will be fined a MINIMUM of $200 and do 30 hours of community service.”

Anyway. In the Philippines now. Yes, that means I have a Philippines stamp in my passport! Booyah! Oh, I mean, I get to see my girl. Booyah as well. 🙂
It is hot here (but not overwhelmingly so) and there’s an…odor…in the air. And I took one of the very few cold showers I ever have in my life. R says I’m spoiled. I don’t disagree. Actually, it’s not even a shower. You have to fill up this bucket, which R humorously calls “The Reservoir” and pour water over yourself in order to bath. And in true Asian form, the shower part itself isn’t separate from the rest of the bathroom, so the entire bathroom gets wet in the process. Let’s just say, for me, a person of much creature comforts, this is a humbling experience.
Everyone’s a germaphobe here. There are sinks in the restaurants (not even in the bathroom area) to wash your hands before and after a meal. Otherwise, Cebu feels a lot like many of the Asian cities I have been to, possibly with the exception of Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is….a different experience altogether. But it feels a lot like Taiwan and parts of China. And most everyone speaks English, although R isn’t letting me wander the city on my own. Yet. I’m convinced that she can be persuaded…there’s a fort and other touristy-type sites I want to visit if I can…
Ok, more about this later. It’s time for a nap.
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