Soreness and Waterfalls

10 Jul

R was laughing at me earlier because I was writhing around in pain from lactic acid buildup in my left leg from hiking and swimming this weekend. Laughing, because she knew exactly what it was, it wasn’t life-threatening, and there was nothing either of us could to do make it better. Only time. I’m still limping all over the place.

This weekend was amazing. We (me, R, her cousins, and her friend Maricar and Maricar’s friend Joper) hopped on a non-ACed overly-bumpy public bus and rode it to Kawasan Falls. I’m not even sure how to describe it. A resort? A national park? Something like that. Basically, there are 8 or so levels of waterfalls. We stayed in a rather spacious room at Level 1 (the lowest), but hiked up to Level 3 and went swimming in the pool there. Waterfalls everywhere. We also didn’t bring swimsuits, so not only did I do some pretty adventurous hiking in flip flops, I also braved waterfalls and fish and iguanas (more on this later) in regular clothes. Long story short, though, lots of activity = lots of soreness = pain right now.
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